Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Have an Editor

Someone is finally going to put me together! The amazing Flavia Fontes will be working with Herr Direktor to scissor and shape my raw material.

Flavia Fontes has been making award-winning documentaries for fifteen years, including "Living With Chimpanzees," "Who's Afraid of Lynne Stewart," and "Forbidden Wedding," about a paraplegic man in Brazil prohibited by the Catholic Church from getting married because he is sexually impotent. She was the associate producer of "Chico Mendes: Voice of the Amazon," which aired on TBS and TNT and won the Outstanding Achievement Award (National Educational Association). Flavia teaches film and video editing at the New School University.

Editing will coincide with the creation of the musical score, which involves a well-known piece by J.S. Bach. If all goes accordingly, I should be ready to preview by Turkey Day.